where do you get the tentacles you use???


I get the tentacles, along with all dead sea creatures, at local international food markets that are meant for food consumption. I don’t kill anything. The markets usually specialize in Korean, Chinese, Mexican, and other national products that can’t be found at typical general markets. Octopus tentacles are most often quite expensive, and have an extremely short window before deep putrefaction sets in. Rotting octopus smells exquisitely corrupt. Thanks!

Thank you for the follow. I've only just come across your work which I can only describe as crazy... and I love crazy! Just wanted to ask a few questions that come to mind when viewing your work, what drives you to create these sculptures/images?

I like crazy too, very much so indeed. Sometimes I will just look at an object and dissect it in my mind. What parts would fit outside of it, what makes that object a non-object, what happens if I were to destroy the object that makes it an object? After that, it’s just how much, or how little, and which instruments would help the new-object. Hope that makes some sense. Cheers, Max